Interview with President Ip Kuai Peng by "Macau Platform

On 24 February 2023, Director Ip Kuai Peng was interviewed by the Macau Platform on the topic of "New cycle of the relationship between China and Portugal".[Its mission is "to better connect Portuguese-speaking countries and Mainland China with Macau, and to contribute more to the development of economic, trade, tourism and other industries", and "to actively play Macau's role as a platform for Sino-Portuguese exchanges and development".
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The expert on relations between Macau and China with Portuguese-speaking countries, Ip Kuai Peng, recalls that the Macao SAR “has no external relations”; so Ho Iat Seng’s visit to Portugal is part of a “new cycle” of the strategic partnership “between China and Portugal”. The City University professor argues that this is the time for “Portugal to pay more attention to Macau”, the gateway to the “Greater Bay”, but “also to all of China”. This trip, he stresses, also serves to “recover the confidence of the Portuguese community in Macau in its future”


What political significance does Ho Iat Seng’s first visit abroad have in Portugal?
IP Kuai Peng – First, this respects the importance of friendly relations between China and Portugal; then, it recognizes the special historical relationship between Macao and Portugal. After returning to China, successive Macao SAR governments attached great importance to friendship with Portugal; and the Chief Executive (CE) traditionally visits the Portuguese President. This visit is of great significance and the Macao SAR will also bring businessmen and journalists, promoting not only investment but also the legal systems of Macao SAR and Hengqin, with a view to strengthening cooperation in key areas such as education, science and technology, pharmaceuticals , blue economy… but also the attraction of investment and tourists. This visit also serves to regain the confidence of the Portuguese community in its future in Macau.


What is the specific importance of Portugal on the Portuguese-speaking platform?
I.K.P – Macau has close and extensive ties with Portuguese-speaking countries, which cover four continents and have more than 200 million inhabitants. All Portuguese-speaking countries are very important to Macau, but Portugal has the most special relationship – and the greatest influence. Portuguese is the official language in Macau; architecture, festivals, cuisine… make a difference as a tourist attraction; and Portuguese products – wine, and others – stand out in retail sales. Portugal is a member of the United Nations, the European Union, NATO, the World Trade Organization… and the Forum for Economic and Commercial Cooperation between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries (Forum Macau) activates several events where Macau plays a significant role.


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