Ip Kuai Peng


Prof. IP Kuai Peng, was immigrated to Macao when he was a child. Prof. IP has been working at the Policy Research Office in Macao Special Administrative Region Government, being a Research Fellow, a member of the Assessment Advisory Committee and an academic leader in Macao Politics and Foreign Affairs study field.


Prof. IP graduated from Sun Yat-sen University (Bachelor degree in Economics), Peking University (Master degree in Management), the Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (PhD degree in Economics), and Chinese Academy of Governance (Master of  Public Administration). His study area is focus on International Relations and Portuguese Speaking Countries.


During his academic career, Prof. IP received numerous Research Fellowships and Post-doctoral Fellowships from universities and 

government think-tanks around the world, including University of Coimbra (Portugal), University of Brasilia (Brazil), National University of Singapore (Singapore), Wuhan University (China), Nanjing University (China), China Foreign Affairs University (China), and Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (Macao). Being a former Member of the Committee of Academic and Teaching Affairs and Program Coordinator, he previously held academic positions at Macao University of Science and Technology.


Among many academic and scholarly contributions, Prof. IP has authored two scholarly books, and published over 50 papers in academic and professional journals. An active member of the scholarly community, he received a Teaching Excellence Award in the Macao University of  Science and Technology and a Research Excellence Award in an important academic forum held in the Party School of the Central Committees of C.P.C.


Attached Prof. Ip’s contact information, please feel free to contact him.


Tel:+853 8590 2724

Fax:+853 2875 5717

Email: kpip@cityu.edu.mo