Cultural Academic Salon on ‘Portuguese-speaking Countries Research’ held at the Military Club of Macau

On April 12, 2023, the annual academic event was held at the Military Club of Macau, which was organized by the Institute for Research of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (IROPC) at City University of Macau.



Click here to watch the video of Activities Highlights


Professor Kuai Peng Ip, Pro-Rector and Dean of the IROPC, Professor Francisco Leandro, Associate Dean of IROPC, Professor Eusebio Leou, Assistant Professor of IROPC and all the 2022 IROPC Ph.D. students participated in the event. Dr. Rodrigo Brum, Former Deputy Secretary-General of the Forum Macao,Dr. Mário Vicente, former Representative of Cabo Verde to the Permanent Secretariat of Forum Macau and Dr. Bernardo Pinho, Director MACAO at aicep Portugal Global were invited as guest speakers in the event. 



Initially, Professor Francisco Leandro delivered a speech, expressing his warm welcome and heartfelt gratitude to all the guests.



Dr. Rodrigo Brum delivered a speech on the Greater Bay Area. He expressed that the two missions: integrating the Greater Bay Area and diversifying the economy of Macau, which are valued,can only be realized through the joint efforts from different parties. 



Dr. Mário Vicente delivered a speech on the Cabo Verde archipelago, a small Portuguese-speaking island country in the Atlantic Ocean. He introduced Cape Verde's rich tourism resources, marine biodiversity and its geographical advantages, and shared investment opportunities in Cape Verde.



Dr. Bernardo Pinho introduced investment opportunities in Portugal. He talked about Portugal's business environment and competitive advantages, and emphasized Portugal's unique pool of talent, where innovation is its motto and have the 3rd highest rate of engineering graduates in Europe.



On behalf of the City University of Macau, Professor Francisco Leandro presented a gift for appreciating Dr. Rodrigo Brum, Dr. Mario Vicente’s and Dr. Bernardo Pinho.