Hong Chen


Dr. Hong Chen

Assistant Professor, Doctoral Supervisor

Office:  GD502, Golden Dragon Campus

Tel: 8590-2546

E-mail: hongchen@cityu.edu.mo



Academic Qualification

Doctor Degree

PhD, Beijing Language and Culture University

Master Degree

MA, Hunan Normal University

Bachelor Degree

BA, Hunan University of Science and Technology

Overseas Experience

Visiting scholar, The University of Manchester

Visiting scholar, City University of Hong Kong

Working Experience


City University of Macau


Guangdong University of Foreign Studies


Beijing Language and Culture University (part time)


Hunan University of Science and Technology

Teaching Area

Thematic Studies on China’s Foreign Relations, Intercultural Communication, Professional English, Special Topics in Social Science, Seminar for Contemporary Issues of Tourism             

Research Area

Area Studies, Portuguese-speaking Countries and Macao, Intercultural Studies, Cultural Tourism

Professional Certification and Awards (If applicable)

Professional Certification: TEM-8 (Test for English-Major 8)


  1. Outstanding Research Recognition of City University of Macau (2021~2022)
  2. Outstanding Research Recognition of City University of Macau (2019~2020)

2. “Teaching Excellence Award” in Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (2016, 2017)

3.  Excellent PhD Dissertation in Beijing Language and Culture University (2015)

4.“Star Teacher” of College of Continuing Education, Beijing Language and Culture University (2013, part-time job)

5. “Young Teaching Master” in Average Colleges and Universities of Hunan Province (2009)

6. Champion of “Young Teaching Master” Contest in Hunan University of Science and Technology (2009)

7. “Teaching Excellence Award” in Hunan University of Science and Technology (2006, 2007, 2008)

8. “Excellent Teacher” in School of Foreign Studies, Hunan University of Science and Technology (2005~2006, 2006~2007)

Professional Society Membership (If applicable)

Macao Higher Education Development Promotion Association

Academic Publication


Chen, H. (2022). Trauma Writing of John Edgar Wideman. Beijing: China Social Sciences Press.


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Research Project

  1. (2022) A study on the perception of the city image of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and its attractiveness to Macau university students majoring in tourism
  2. (2021) On the Intercultural Communicative Competence of Macao Undergraduates
  3. (2019) On the Language Industry Situation in Macau
  4. (2019) A Research on the Development of Hotel Service Robots in the Greater Bay Area
  5. (2019) An Investigation of Tourist Attitude and Behavior Toward World Heritage List and Museum in Macau
  6. (2018) A Research on English Teaching in Macau Universities under the Background of Education Internationalization