Francisco Leandro Assistant Dean's Book Launch was held successfully

      The Institute International of Macau (IIM) is delighted to invite all media representatives and the general public to the book launch – Steps of Greatness – the Geopolitics of OBOR, which will take place on the 29th of November 2018 (18h30) at Military Club Macau.The event will be chaired by Professor             Tak-Wing Ngo from University of Macau, with the presence of the President of the Institute of European Studies, and the President of the IIM.



          According to the author, “… China is an island and… OBOR has already secured its place in History… The Chinese SARs are symbols of pragmatism,         diversity, integration and long-term planning… OBOR will bring unprecedented power and prestige to modern China.”



      This new book is the result of institutional academic cooperation and the author’s postdoctoral research at University of Macau (2016-2017).


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